Rethinking and Deconstructing Violence with Youth

Chicago Training and Resource Exchange

We invite interested people to attend the first TARE meeting on October 12th 2010.  You can download the event flyer here.

This is a draft document meant as a discussion starter as we work together to form TARE


The Chicago Youth Worker/Adult Ally Training and Resource Exchange (TARE) is a space where individuals who empower youth (ages 12-22) to develop leadership skills and socio-political consciousness can share their work, support each other’s continued learning, and provide emotional support to one another.


  • Quarterly meetings of 30 – 50 youth workers in Chicago
  • Peer led modeling and sharing of curriculum units and activities which empower youth to develop leadership skills and socio-political consciousness
  • Dialogue and conversation around critical issues and questions related to youth development work and the role of Adult Allies
  • Exchange and sharing of youth development best practices
  • Networking for youth development professionals in Chicago
  • Technical assistance and support to do PD and skill sharing with youth workers to partner with young people to reduce and prevent violence


  • Participants will build strong relationships with one another, creating a formal network of youth development professionals in Chicago which breaks down isolation and allows for an ongoing sharing of best practices
  • Through focusing on… (TBD content areas….i.e. evaluation of youth programs, addressing youth violence, etc.) participants will increase their professional capacity
  • A safe space to process, discuss common successes and challenges, and find emotional support