Rethinking and Deconstructing Violence with Youth


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PARAMETERS for HEALTHY DIALOGUES (adapted from the Chicago Freedom School)

Something is Wrong promotes and supports spaces where honest, authentic language is always used.  However, we do not tolerate the use of oppressive practices or behaviors in spaces that we host.  Participants must abstain from the use of language (verbal, written and body) and practices that reinforce adultism, racism, sexism, heterosexism, and ableism, among others.

As part of our work, we support healthy intergenerational dialogues.  This means that the ideas and voices of youth are not only heard, but valued as much as those of adults at all times. We value spaces where all participants hold each other and themselves accountable.  Therefore, we discourage any facilitator or participant from dominating a meeting, large group discussion or small group conversation.

We are committed to maintaining an environment of everlasting and mutual learning and growth.   Because of this, we encourage the use of popular education and inquiry-based approaches to learning and sharing. Popular education acknowledges that the community is the source of knowledge.  Inquiry-based means we begin with questions, not answers.

And while we embrace the voices present, we want to acknowledge those not here and ask ourselves why.

Finally, we hope that as you talk about organizing for change, you will consider three things:  history, current conditions, and how you can take action.


Author: rootsofviolence

This is a blog by Project NIA for our Exploring the Roots of Violence initiative.

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